Nurture Your
Heart and Soul

At Heart For, we are passionate about nurturing the heart and soul and we want to share with you, simple and effective processes to help you and your loved ones, during challenging times.

Would you like easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety?

Would you like simple techniques for better communication, inner peace and greater confidence? Would you like powerful processes for helping to nurture your body, mind and soul?

Are you?...
A Parent, who wishes to help your children through life's challenges?
A proactive Individual who wishes to be active in the creative, nurturing process of your body, mind and spirit?
A Professional, Business Owner or Worker who needs simple techniques to help you work through problems?
You will discover ways to Nurture Your Heart And Soul, 
so you glow from the inside-out with radiant health and vitality.

At Heart For, it is our passion to share with you ways to help you care for your body, mind and soul, using simple and effective Guided Meditation Processes.

I have created meditations which guide you through the power of healing thought, effective ways to bring problems or issues to your conscious awareness and allow you to solve them. And many more simple and effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety, so you can get on enjoying the wonders of life. 

Would you like to get started with two FREE Guided Meditations for better sleep?
Free mp3 audios can be downloaded HERE...

 "Twinkle Star Sleep" Guided Meditation for Children:
FREE mp3 audio and PDF downloads

 Twinkle Star Sleep is a beautiful and simple guided meditation for children’s sleep time.

It is especially helpful for when children are feeling apprehensive about bedtime or sleep, or even helpful for when they have had a troublesome or difficult day at school or out and about.

Often children respond best to the voice of their loved ones before bed time, which is why this guided meditation is provided in printed form for parents, grandparents, guardians & loved ones, to read to children before bedtime.

It is also provided in a FREE audio form if you wish to have a ready to go audio to play to your child.

 Appropriate for children aged approximately between 6 years and 13 years.

"Blissful Sleep" Guided Meditation:
FREE mp3 audio download

Blissful Sleep is a simple and effective guided meditation to help you enjoy a deep and relaxing sleep, so that you get to wake up the following day revitalized and energized.

Drift off to sleep serenely.

Learn a simple trick to empty your mind of the day’s thoughts.

Slip in to sleep sooner and get more out of your night’s sleep by using  this simple guided mediation for "Blissful Sleep".

Wake up feeling revitalized and energized after a good night’s sleep.

At Heart For, we are  passionate about nurturing the heart and soul. We want to share with you, simple and effective processes to help you and your loved ones, during challenging or difficult times.

Please bookmark our website and keep returning for new things, because as we grow, we will continue to add to our beautiful guided meditation range, and expand into other helpful product areas.

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The benefits to you and your family in using Heart For products, is that you can be confident that  each product has been developed and sourced with care and loving consideration for positive outcomes, with which to nurture yourself, your family and loved ones.